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Supply EDX720 to Lenovo:

Dovember, 2007 : China Instrument Group supply EDX720 to Lenovo.

Supply DSG500 to New Century Group:

June, 2007 :China Instrument Group supply supply DSG500 digital TV signal generator to New Century Group.

Supply RH-188 PHS repeator to Jiangsu Telecom:

March, 2007 :China Instrument Group supply RH-188 PHS repeator to Jiangsu Telecom.

Instrument Group Products Forum:

December 1, 2006 - China Instrument Group will be held in Beijing "Instrument Group Products Forum"

WCDMA Test System

November 28, 2006 : - Shanghai No.1 Comm. Ltd. releases on the latest wireless network performance optimization products : WCDMA Test System

Excellent staff

November 20, 2006 : - In this month, the best starting staff selected this year's activities