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China Instrument Group Limited(CIG) sever for the integration of technology, industry is limited, Its purpose is to concentrate on the electronic manufacturing industry provide them with the necessary equipment in the production processes, instruments and solutions. Our customers can always rely on our quality and professional solutions, services and technical support most satisfied with the efficiency of production.

The application of modern electronic technology changing, or broadband high-speed data transmission applications become more popular and diverse. Division I also made continuous efforts to increase the demand for different levels of photovaltiic measuring instruments and equipment our product lines, compatibility with the customer's pace of development.

For Solar industry, CIG can supply total solutionú║


Cell production -- Silver paste (Front silver, Back silver);

Module production - Insulating tape, Positioning tape, Single-side tape, Double-sided tape, EVA film, Backplane


Cell production - Screen printing machine, Drying furnace, Firing furnace, Cell sorter

Module production - Multilayers Laminator, Single-layer Laminator, String of welding machine

Wafer production - Furnace, Cutting machine

MES production manufacturing execution system

Test instrument:

Solar simulators, ShaoZi life tester, Resistivity tester, Elements and film thickness analyzer, Chromatism tester, Thermal camera, Ellipsometrology, 3D microscopy, Stress tester etc.

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